Kalliopeia Team

We are very proud of our Kalliopeia team because it has the best professionals with a long and succesfull presense in the industry for many years, also experienced in transfering their knowledge to their students and the greatest of all they are excellent persons with the best attitude, prinsiples and ethics.

All of us we are dedicated to serving you our clients and to be friends with the most efficient way. We always search and find new ways to help you benefit from our experience and be more productive to your work.

Kalliopeia Team

Kalliopeia team - Konstantin CeranKonstantin Ceran

Kostas is a Microsoft Certified Professional since 2005, with 19 years experience on the field. Currently he works as a learning consulatnt for Microsoft CPLS companies based in Istanbul. He has been Certified as an IT Trainer for Microsoft and Apple. Furthermore, he has been certified as a SAP Technical Consultant.

His authorized trainer tracks include Windows Desktop, Windows Server and Exchange Server as well as Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server. He also delivers SAP Basis Administration trainings.

Kalliopeia team - Ruby LopezRuby Lopez

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Kalliopeia team - Ioannis ChaidoulisIoannis Chaidoulis

Ioannis Chaidoulis is a Microsoft Certified Trainer since 2002, with 26 years experience in the industry. He holds a MSc in Information Systems and an Electronic Engineer-Educator BSc. His specialties are Windows Server and client, SharePoint, Cloud Services, Exchange, Networks, Hardware, Service Management (ITIL), Social Networks and Internet Marketing.

He is a Certified Trainer from National Accreditation Centre for Continuing Vocational Training (EKEPIS) and National Employment Agency of Human Resources (OAED) and has more than 30 certifications from Adobe, Cisco, CompTIA & Microsoft.

kalliopeia team - Grace TerryGrace Terry

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