IT Certifications: Best For 2016

IT Certifications: Best For 2016

Getting certified is a surefire way to advance your career in the IT industry. Whether you work for an enterprise, a small business, government, healthcare or any other place that employs IT professionals, your best bet for career advancement is to validate your skills and knowledge through a carefully chosen combination of certifications.

But certifications can get expensive. Factor in study materials, training and classes, exam fees, and the time that you devote to the whole experience; it all adds up. If you consider certifications as an investment in your career and your future, then wouldn’t you want to work to obtain those that will benefit you the most?

Find the Right IT Certification & Career Success

Below you’ll find certification guides that identify the best five credentials in a variety of different areas of IT, including security, storage, project management, cloud computing, computer forensics and more.

Best Big Data Certifications Best Linux Certifications
Best Business Continuity & DR Certifications Best Mobile App Development Certifications
Best Cloud IT Certifications Best Mobility Certifications
Best Computer Forensics Certifications Best Programming Certifications
Best Computer Hardware Certifications Best Project Management Certifications
Best Computer Networking Certifications Best Storage Certifications
Best Data Center Certifications Best System Administrator Certifications
Best Database Certifications Best Telecommunications Certifications
Best Enterprise Architect Certifications Best Unified Communications Certifications
Best Healthcare IT Certifications Best Virtualization Certifications
Best Help Desk Certifications Best VoIP & Telephony Certifications
Best Information Security Certifications Best Web Certifications
Best IT Governance Certifications Best Wireless Networking Certifications
Best IT Trainer Certifications

Best Big Data Certifications for 2016

The growing field of big data, analytics and business intelligence is all the rage these days, and the number of certifications is ticking up accordingly. What’s more, IT professionals with big data and related certs are growing in demand.

>> See the Best Big Data Certs


Best Business Continuity & DR Certifications for 2016

Business continuity and disaster recovery certifications are seeing a healthy uptrend as new cloud-based tools proliferate the market. While BCP and DRP have always been important, they’re becoming more critical, and IT certs are following suit.

>> See the Best Business Continuity & DR Certs


Best Cloud IT Certifications for 2016

IT pros with solid cloud computing skills continue to be in high demand as more companies adopt cloud technologies. With new cloud credentials coming out each year, the choices are multiplying. Here’s an updated list of the best cloud certs for 2016.

>> See the Best Cloud Computing Certs


Best Computer Forensics Certifications for 2016

As hacking and computer crime continues to grow, the demand for qualified computer forensics professionals is also on the rise. From over two dozen computer forensics certifications, we list the five best options for 2016.

>> See the Best Computer Forensics Certs


Best Computer Hardware Certifications for 2016

Computer hardware certs are a great entry point for IT pros interested in becoming computer technicians. These top credentials can help you demonstrate your knowledge and skills in maintaining computers, servers, peripherals and more.

>> See the Best Hardware Certs

Best Computer Networking Certifications for 2016

IT pros skilled in the many areas of networking remain in high demand in today’s job market. If you’re serious about a career in networking, consider one or more of these certs to set yourself apart from the competition.

>> See the Best Networking Certs


Best Data Center Certifications for 2016

With emerging software defined data center (SDDC) technologies, many of today’s data center certifications are requiring additional skills, including virtualization and cloud computing. Here are the best options for data center certs for 2016.

>> See the Best Data Center Certs


Best Database Certifications for 2016

Knowledgeable and savvy database professionals are always in demand. Here are the best certifications for DBAs, database developers, data analysis and architects, business intelligence and data warehousing specialists, and other data professionals.

>> See the Best Database Certs


Best Enterprise Architect Certifications for 2016

The demand for highly skills IT professionals who understand not only technology, but the business and enterprise architecture as well, is on the rise. This is where Enterprise IT Architect credentials can help you get to the pinnacle of the IT certification pyramid.

>> See the Best IT Architect Certs


Best Healthcare IT Certifications for 2016

As global healthcare spending continues to grow, more IT pros with an understanding of healthcare’s unique technology and compliance requirements are needed. Today there are a number of Healthcare IT certs to choose from — here are the top five.

 >> See the Best Healthcare IT Certs


Best Help Desk Certifications for 2016

Help desk and tech support positions remain popular points of entry for IT pros. To start or advance your tech support career and make yourself stand out, is to validate your knowledge and skills through one of these leading help desk certs.

>> See the Best Help Desk Certs


Best Information Security Certifications for 2016

Infosec professionals serious about advancing their careers should consider these top security certifications. From entry-level choices to advanced credentials, these certs will get you on your way to becoming a leader in the field of information security.

>> See the Best InfoSec Certs


Best IT Governance Certifications for 2016

Organizations that must meet the rigors of compliance are always in need of experienced IT pros who can see the big picture and understand risks involved with technology. This means certified IT governance professionals are in high demand for 2016.

>> See the Best IT Governance Certs


Best IT Trainer Certifications for 2016

Becoming an IT trainer is not an easy path, but the destination is full of opportunities. IT instructors need to stay on top of the technologies they’re teaching, know how to effectively share their knowledge and engage with their students.

>> See the Best IT Trainer Certs


Best Linux Certifications for 2016

Linux continues to have a strong hold on the enterprise, especially in the web server and supercomputer space and IT pros interested in validating their Linux skills have a lot of certification options. Here are the best five Linux certs for 2016.

>> See the Best Linux Certs


Best Mobile App Development Certifications for 2016

Developers and IT pros interested in mobility and app development can get their resumes noticed with one or more mobile app development certifications. From Microsoft, Android and Java certs, these credentials are a smart move.

>> See the Best Mobile App Development Certs


Best Mobility Certifications for 2016

Mobile technologies are experiencing unprecedented growth, with no slowdown in sight. Mobility is truly taking IT by storm, forcing management to rethink everything from big-picture infrastructure design to network integration. And mobile certs are following suit.

 >> See the Best Mobility Certs


Best Programming Certifications for 2016

When considering computer programming certifications, make sure to evaluate not just the programming languages, but also the development platforms you’ll be working with. IT pros interested in computer programming have no shortage of certification options.

 >> See the Best Programming Certs


Best Project Management Certifications for 2016

Project management certs continue to rate near the top of IT certification lists. Whether you’re interested in becoming a project manager or want to add project management to the list of your skills, these certs can help you achieve your goals.

>> See the Best Project Management Certs


Best Storage Certifications for 2016

Skilled storage professionals continue to be in high demand in today’s workplace. Those looking to prove they have the chops have over 70 different storage certifications to choose from. We narrow down this list to the top 5 choices.

>> See the Best Storage Certs


Best System Administrator Certifications for 2016

When it comes to managing modern servers, there’s a long list of tools and technologies SysAdmins need to master. And an equally long list of certs to validate your knowledge and skills. Here are the best system administrator certifications for 2016.

 >>  See the Best SysAdmin Certs


Best Telecommunications Certifications for 2016

If you’re interested in telecommunications, you have a wide variety of certification options to choose from, including ones that cover telecom networking and various kinds of streaming voice and video platforms for unified communications.

 >> See the Best Telecommunications Certs


Best Unified Communications Certifications for 2016

Unified Communications platforms bring multiple applications together, such as e-mail, instant messaging, IP telephony, audio and video conferencing. In today’s globally dispersed world, UC certs are growing in demand.

>> See the Best UC Certs


Best Virtualization Certifications for 2016

Virtualization continues to rank near the top of every best IT certification list. And the increased popularity of virtualization technologies translates to a high demand for skilled and certified virtualization professionals.

>> See the Best Virtualizations Certs


Best VoIP & Telephony Certifications for 2016

As traditional PBXs and PSTNs are being replaced by VoIP and IP-based PBXs, the telephony space is changing and so are the credentials for IT professionals. Here are five of the best VoIP and telephony certs to invest in this year.

>> See the Best VoIP & Telephony Certs


Best Web Certifications for 2016

The web design and development fields have undergone many changes over the years, and web certifications have evolved alongside the technologies. IT pros interested in validating their web skills should consider these top five certs.

>> See the Best Web Certs


Best Wireless Networking Certifications for 2016

The explosion of mobile devices and wireless networks in the enterprise spells a high demand for qualified IT professionals specializing in wireless technologies. Here are our top five wireless certification picks for 2016.

>> See the Best Wireless Certs

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